The power of networking!

In March I joined the networking group BNI. This is quite a step for me. Not only is it a solid commitment to my career, it also is a huge undertaking for my personality. Meeting new people is HARD! I love hearing different people’s stories about how they got where they are and where they envision their life going. But doing so behind the camera comes so much easier to me than sitting over a cup of coffee and opening up. Additionally, part of the group is selling your product/yourself to your fellow members in hopes of getting referrals. If you can’t clearly present yourself, it’s hard to be taken seriously by peers and clients alike. This is also hard for me. My work is very visual, which allows me to exist in my head. To take what is in my head and put it into words in 30 seconds or less without tripping over my tongue is another challenge that I have encountered.

I embrace challenges! This is one of the better choices I believe I have made for myself and my career. In a year I hope to be well spoken and well connected. I have already met so many inspiring, welcoming, helpful and talented people. I am very much looking forward to the new opportunities that come my way through BNI and other networking ventures.


For Broadcast

Well, I did my first ever commercial for broadcast TV. It was a really fun project and quite the ride as it came in as a rush job. Lots of ideas flying around and alterations and late nights. I really enjoyed the experience and the new people I met along the way.

Broadcast has it’s own set of rules that I always knew existed, and dabbled in, but never fully immersed myself with since I didn’t have the projects pushing me in that direction. This project encouraged me to really get into the nitty-gritty of “broadcast safe” needs. I also learned how to program closed captioning, super easy! (Thanks again!) Not to mention making sure everything fit into that little action and title safe box area.

Now if only I can’t find someone who has not deactivated their cable so I can see the commercial on TV!


For the past year or so I have been privileged to be asked to shoot performance videos for a number of solo performers throughout the Bay Area. Many of whom are students of David Ford, who teaches classes at The Marsh.

I love being present at these performances. It is so wonderful to be able to watch these actors grow with their performances. Many of which are exerts from larger pieces that they are putting together over several months. I highly recommend checking out some of these solo shows that are performed frequently. The Marsh and Stage Werx in San Francisco and Berkeley are good places to start.

Recently I shot a performance by Sherri Rose. A wonderful show about growing up learning how to survive in the 1960’s till the present.

Eliza Gibson has just put up her performance website with photos I shot during a photo shoot between shows. She does a truly wonderful performance and I have only seen the exerts! I can’t wait to see the whole show!

Happy New Year!

2015! Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was quitting my job and jumping into freelancing full time. Like many, during this month I tend to reflect on the last year and see the ups and downs and ways to change for the better. There are always faults to find and ways to be frustrated with myself, my mindset, my methods. But life is a learning experience and this past year I have learned one big thing. I’m not perfect and I can no longer compare my successes and failures to those of my peers.

This year, my resolution is to take it as it comes. I’m embracing the parts of my self that cause frustration and making them work for me.

There are new paths that I’m looking into, new opportunities for growth and creativity. I’m very excited to see where my business and life will take me in 2015. Here’s to the new year!

A Year Later

It’s been a long time since the last post and I really need to be better. I’m going to make this something I focus on. At least one post a month should happen.

It’s been a busy year. It began with the Detroit International Auto Show in January. I joined with Voix Productions to shoot and edit Toyota’s new releases for the year 2014. It was quite the educational experience. My first time traveling for work and my first time producing work for a really big name company.

Next a lot of corporate work, travel video editing and I got involved with a theater group that requires their performances to be recorded.

I don’t recall if I ever mentioned it in a past post, but I’ve been working on a documentary for about two years now, but I think I will go into more detail on that in another post.

For now, I just wanted to say, I’m alive, working and having fun doing it!



Summer is around the corner and I’ve entered into the world of wedding videography. This is something that I never actively sought out and mostly avoided. However when I received a call from a fellow videographer that I’d met on a shoot only days before I decided to see what this niche had to offer.

My first experience was editing a hightlight video, which offered up fun new challenges. Using my emotions to lead me from one cut to the next has frequently been how I feel my way to the story at the heart of hours of footage. So it seemed easy enough to really bring forth the emotion for this special day. I learned a lot of using music and closeups to really pull that emotion to the forefront of this video. It was a fun project and I will look forward to more in the future if they come my way. I have more to learn!

Next was my first wedding shoot. 9am-11:00pm. What a day, I felt like I’d run a marathon when I woke up the next morning. Super fun though. It was a different style altogether with very little planning and the need to be ready to jump up and run to the action with your camera at a moments notice. I loved the team I was working with. Super fun and professional at the same time, I look forward to more possible collaborations in the future.

Check out my edit of the wedding highlight on my reel page or go check out the rest of the team at or


I’ve been looking at various certification programs. I’m going to begin by getting certified as A.C.E. for Photoshop and then go for After Effects. Photoshop first, because I see it as a good base for After Effects and because I happened upon a very reasonably priced certification prep program. I’m excited about this venture. In the process I’m going through some classes for photography to increase my skills as a cinematographer. It amuses me since I began my adventures in video with the thought of sticking strictly to editing, but finding myself in a preditor (producer/editor) position in my freelance career has completely altered my career path and need for perfecting various skills. Not to mention getting those certifications will look mighty nice on my portfolio.

Learning Curve

Hello World!
I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the little birds that are coming around my house to peep and chirp in the new Spring weather. I’ve also been hard at work, but I’ve finally caught up with projects enough to feel like I have some time to breathe. I’ve realized some areas where growth is needed. Lighting in particular, is something that I need to work on. Especially since I’ve been doing a lot of shoots by myself. Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten my own light kit so I will have something familiar with which to work. And some really amazing reflectors as well for my outdoor shoots, with seven different options in one. Ha! They are called 7 in 1’s for a reason! I love them.

Sound editing! My nemesis! Ugh, just the thought of it makes me shudder, but that only means that I need to tackle it full force, to truly understand the programs and ways of mastering truly great audio, at least in post. The real trick it to get it right the first time while you are on the shoot!

I’ll be uploading some new videos to the reel section of this site, so be sure to check them out. Just quick little intro montage type things for some full videos that will hopefully be available to the public shortly! Stay tuned!

January 2013

Greetings all! I hope you have had a successful beginning to your New Year! I could not have asked for a better start to the year! I have be swamped with work and learning more things constantly! If I’m not editing I’m on shoots in beautiful locations such as the Santa Cruz mountains and San Francisco! I’ve begun shooting some cooking videos which offer new challenges, not to mention tasting benefits at the end of the day. =D

I’ve finally increased my production kit to the point where I have no immediate need to rent gear. Although, there is always a new toy that I drool over. I think this is true for any artist. There is always that paint, brush, lens, material or tool that you lust after, and they all cost money! The starving artist is not starving for lack of work, they are starving because they spend their last dimes on their new materials! Thoughts of taking myself to school have been put on the back burner for the time being while I play catch up with the sheer volume of video to edit. I won’t lie and say that I’m not exhausted and in need of a weekend away.

My goals for next month are: refine my editing speed, I’m too slow!! And become a rock star at color correcting!!

End of year reflections

With 2012 almost over, I’ve been reflecting on the past year with some frequency. A lot has happened to me this year. I’ve finally jumped fully into a career and I’m happy with it. I’m learning so many new things daily and meeting some amazing new people. I’ve moved to a new town, always a significant change. My mind is open and my spirit is willing. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the year. See you next year!