Poster break!

A co-worker approached me and asked if I had any skill with Photoshop to create a poster and some cards for an up coming show of hers. It’s been ages since I’ve actually used Photoshop. Challenge excepted! I think the final product turned out really well and it feels good to have dusted and polished the corners of my mind where Photoshop resides. I’m ready for more projects and combining my work with photoshop into some video projects.

Alexis Keenan

A video that I edited a couple months ago for a friend is now online! Check it out! You can also find the link and video under “Links” and “Reels” on my site.

New Project!

A new mini project is in the works as of today! A short documentary. It will inspire, it will amaze! Prepare yourselves. I will post a nice little video update as soon as I can! So excited!

Demo Reel is online!

I have added my demo reel, which can be found under the “Demo Reel” tab. Currently it must be downloaded, but can be viewed from your web browser with Quicktime. In the future I hope to have it embedded to avoid downloading waits and issues. Thanks for watching!

Website up and coming…


I’m a freelance video editor who has been working since 2006 in the Bay Area, California. I have worked on various projects including documentaries, corporate videos and feature length narratives. I use Final Cut Studio and After Effects mainly, but also have experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

This website is under construction, but in the near future there will be demo reels as well as mini projects that I do to continue educating myself about the software I use in my work.

If you are interested I can email my demo reel to you. Please contact me via email about projects.

Thank you,

Alexis Keenan