Animated Nursery Rhymes

I had a blast working on this project with Butterfly Speech Therapy.

For this project I was tasked to create some animations for the background of several speech therapy videos for young children. The videos had to be bright and appeal to a young audience, but the animations needed to remain simple so as to not distract from Elyssa, who would be teaching on top of the video.

Finding The Style

We started out with five nursery rhymes to animate. As we progressed we were able to narrow down the animation style and even re-use some characters for a sense of familiarity between videos. We ended up deciding on simple Illustrator vector characters and shapes to create these animations.



Storyboarding was essential to figure out the best way to show the crucial story elements of the animation, while also maintaining minimal cuts and animations. Because many of the nursery rhymes had repeat verses, the biggest places to play with story were in between those repeats.


Putting It Altogether 

The animations came together like a breeze due to the extensive planning. I'm excited for all the kids who will get to use these videos as they learn and grow.

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