For the past year or so I have been privileged to be asked to shoot performance videos for a number of solo performers throughout the Bay Area. Many of whom are students of David Ford, who teaches classes at The Marsh.

I love being present at these performances. It is so wonderful to be able to watch these actors grow with their performances. Many of which are exerts from larger pieces that they are putting together over several months. I highly recommend checking out some of these solo shows that are performed frequently. The Marsh and Stage Werx in San Francisco and Berkeley are good places to start.

Recently I shot a performance by Sherri Rose. A wonderful show about growing up learning how to survive in the 1960’s till the present.

Eliza Gibson has just put up her performance website with photos I shot during a photo shoot between shows. She does a truly wonderful performance and I have only seen the exerts! I can’t wait to see the whole show!