New Goals Bring the Fun!

By Alexis Keenan / January 16, 2023

I’ll be honest, over the 10 years that I have been operating Alexis Keenan Video, I haven’t really sat down and made a list of goals that empowered and excited me. More often than not, it was a vague idea to make more money or make more videos, maybe network more. It’s always more of … Continue reading New Goals Bring the Fun!

I Got Married!

By Alexis Keenan / October 3, 2022

This year has been intense! Not only have we all been coming out of a pandemic and getting back to business as usual (I hope), but I made a big life change. On June 18th I married my partner, Erick, in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. Our wedding had it all and we largely pulled it … Continue reading I Got Married!

Back in Business

By Alexis Keenan / March 8, 2022

Coming out of the pandemic hibernation with a BANG! Have you ever sat down and really thought about your business? How it is serving you or not and whether or not you are getting joy from it the way you once did? Have you looked at your past goals and compared them to your current … Continue reading Back in Business

The Promise of Spring

By Alexis Keenan / May 20, 2020

Like many of us, business really slowed down to a snails pace and for a few weeks came to a full stop on March 21st. These past two months were a great opportunity to focus on learning new skills, finishing passion projects and working on business plan. I’ll be completely honest, while I did a … Continue reading The Promise of Spring

Social Distancing and Video

By Alexis Keenan / April 15, 2020

3 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing During Quarantine. One thing we all have in common right now is uncertainty! When we will we be back to work? When will we have a vaccine for COVID-19? What will happen to the economy? What will our world look like post-Corona virus? One thing that is … Continue reading Social Distancing and Video