Summer is around the corner and I’ve entered into the world of wedding videography. This is something that I never actively sought out and mostly avoided. However when I received a call from a fellow videographer that I’d met on a shoot only days before I decided to see what this niche had to offer.

My first experience was editing a hightlight video, which offered up fun new challenges. Using my emotions to lead me from one cut to the next has frequently been how I feel my way to the story at the heart of hours of footage. So it seemed easy enough to really bring forth the emotion for this special day. I learned a lot of using music and closeups to really pull that emotion to the forefront of this video. It was a fun project and I will look forward to more in the future if they come my way. I have more to learn!

Next was my first wedding shoot. 9am-11:00pm. What a day, I felt like I’d run a marathon when I woke up the next morning. Super fun though. It was a different style altogether with very little planning and the need to be ready to jump up and run to the action with your camera at a moments notice. I loved the team I was working with. Super fun and professional at the same time, I look forward to more possible collaborations in the future.

Check out my edit of the wedding highlight on my reel page or go check out the rest of the team at or