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By Alexis Keenan | May 29, 2013

Summer is around the corner and I’ve entered into the world of wedding videography. This is something that I never actively sought out and mostly avoided. However when I received a call from a fellow videographer that I’d met on a shoot only days before I decided to see what this niche had to offer. … Continue reading Weddings


By Alexis Keenan | April 15, 2013

I’ve been looking at various certification programs. I’m going to begin by getting certified as A.C.E. for Photoshop and then go for After Effects. Photoshop first, because I see it as a good base for After Effects and because I happened upon a very reasonably priced certification prep program. I’m excited about this venture. In … Continue reading Certifications

Learning Curve

By Alexis Keenan | March 27, 2013

Hello World! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the little birds that are coming around my house to peep and chirp in the new Spring weather. I’ve also been hard at work, but I’ve finally caught up with projects enough to feel like I have some time to breathe. I’ve realized some areas where growth is needed. … Continue reading Learning Curve

January 2013

By Alexis Keenan | January 30, 2013

Greetings all! I hope you have had a successful beginning to your New Year! I could not have asked for a better start to the year! I have be swamped with work and learning more things constantly! If I’m not editing I’m on shoots in beautiful locations such as the Santa Cruz mountains and San … Continue reading January 2013

End of year reflections

By Alexis Keenan | December 27, 2012

With 2012 almost over, I’ve been reflecting on the past year with some frequency. A lot has happened to me this year. I’ve finally jumped fully into a career and I’m happy with it. I’m learning so many new things daily and meeting some amazing new people. I’ve moved to a new town, always a … Continue reading End of year reflections


By Alexis Keenan | October 12, 2012

I’ve been brought on for freelance work with a new start up company in San Jose, Grokker. They aim to provide informational videos of yoga, cooking and more to knowledge seeking individuals. I’ve only done one yoga video so far, but I love working with this new company and I hope they do well. Looking … Continue reading Grokker


By Alexis Keenan | September 23, 2012

I’m settling into my new home, but still keeping busy! I’ve been brought on for some video work for Erik Ehn’s play “Dogsbody” being performed at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco. I always love being surrounded by artists and their creations. This play portrays a very sad a real story and I’m so … Continue reading Dogsbody

Brief Vacation

By Alexis Keenan | September 5, 2012

Big changes!! Moving and quitting the day job. In order to keep my mind fresh and stress free I have been on month and a half long vacation. Getting out and enjoying some of this summer before its cold weather and rain again. I’ll be full of more energy and hopefully will have a mini … Continue reading Brief Vacation

Learning New Things

By Alexis Keenan | June 16, 2012

After doing the poster, tshirt and video for LiZie MoVeS, and a chiropractor video I took a brief break before the crammed weekend of the 48 hour film festival. I’m now caught up on my rest and back to my regular schedule. Time to get learning! I was planning on doing a little more After … Continue reading Learning New Things

Now I make tshirts!

By Alexis Keenan | May 25, 2012

For LizZie MoVeS I made some tshirt designs for the merch table at her performace. Used photoshop and had a blast. Here is one of the designs, another is one the way.

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