Making Art

I did it again. I dropped the blogging ball. I am back and here to stay, for the next 52 weeks at least!

Lately, as a business owner, I’ve found that I’ve been so bogged down with the day to day needs of my business that I have lost track of what propels me through life. Art.
Emails, meetings, accounting, marketing all seemed to take over – which is the life of running a business, but I have felt there is something missing. A lack of purpose.

Last week I went to the beach with my friend and photographer Jennifer Winfrey. Jennifer was on a mission to make some art. She used me as her model and I enjoyed watching her move through the process of gathering the images necessary to make something beautiful.

Sometimes you need someone to shake you and remind you to pull yourself out of the day to day and make that time and space to create something fresh and new and just for you. This blog, for the next 52 weeks is going to be dedicated to a video project following the guidelines of Dogwood 52 weeks of Photography. I will be applying the same prompts to video and I’m excited to see how I will grow as an artist in the process.