The power of networking!

In March I joined the networking group BNI. This is quite a step for me. Not only is it a solid commitment to my career, it also is a huge undertaking for my personality. Meeting new people is HARD! I love hearing different people’s stories about how they got where they are and where they envision their life going. But doing so behind the camera comes so much easier to me than sitting over a cup of coffee and opening up. Additionally, part of the group is selling your product/yourself to your fellow members in hopes of getting referrals. If you can’t clearly present yourself, it’s hard to be taken seriously by peers and clients alike. This is also hard for me. My work is very visual, which allows me to exist in my head. To take what is in my head and put it into words in 30 seconds or less without tripping over my tongue is another challenge that I have encountered.

I embrace challenges! This is one of the better choices I believe I have made for myself and my career. In a year I hope to be well spoken and well connected. I have already met so many inspiring, welcoming, helpful and talented people. I am very much looking forward to the new opportunities that come my way through BNI and other networking ventures.