Social Distancing and Video

3 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing During Quarantine.

One thing we all have in common right now is uncertainty! When we will we be back to work? When will we have a vaccine for COVID-19? What will happen to the economy? What will our world look like post-Corona virus?

One thing that is certain however is the value of video. Video’s ability to communicate, connect and empower audiences has grown in value. The question is, how do we utilize this important tool while we all keep social distance?

1 – Video Doesn’t Need Interviews

While having a key player on screen talking about a business is definitely a wonderful feature to have in a video, it is not necessary. There are many ways to tell a story that focus on other elements of a business outside the people. Think of some ways your business can create a story using things like stop motion, timelapse, scenery, related environments or drone footage.

2 – Action Footage

Your videographer should have the necessary tools to capture stellar footage while maintaining a 6ft or more distance from the subject or action. Think about how an action can support your brand’s story. Try to incorporate ways to show the product at work or maybe a person demonstrating their craft.

3 – Education and Workshops

Another great way to use video during this time is to create an educational video or workshop. This can be live streamed or sent to paying customers. Your videographer should be able to work with you to capture footage that is instructional in nature or record a presentation. All of this can be achieved while keeping a safe distance.

Looking for another option?

That’s okay! There are lots of ways to include video in your marketing if you feel uncomfortable being anywhere near a person outside your immediate circle.

Lots of people are creating videos using their smartphones. Whether you have done this before or are completely new to this, it is recommended to take a class or do some research to be sure you are getting the most out of your space and smartphone features. Be sure the videos you are creating yourself are of a quality that supports your brand.

If you have a lot of footage and feel stymied by the editing process, have no fear! Most videographers also edit and would be happy to help you take your footage and make it look snappy! Well edited footage with a touch of well chosen music and a sprinkle of motion graphics is a good look for any business or brand.

What ever you decide to do, don’t wait for business to go back to usual before using video in your marketing. Maintain connection with your customers and inspire people to use your services or products now. Your business will thank you and your audience is waiting.

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