The Promise of Spring

Like many of us, business really slowed down to a snails pace and for a few weeks came to a full stop on March 21st. These past two months were a great opportunity to focus on learning new skills, finishing passion projects and working on business plan.

I’ll be completely honest, while I did a little of all of that, I spent a most of my time bouncing between shock and panic mode. Panic mode is for sure the most productive for getting it all done, but the shock mode saw a lot of couch time.

I’m now looking at a slightly busier schedule while work starts to adjust to the new restrictions and as society starts to open back up.
Video production is still navigating the ins and outs of social distancing and public health and safety. I am seeing several commercials produced by big companies that are addressing the current state of affairs. My first thought was, “Hey…how did they pull that off with social distancing?!”

And then it all made sense! Yes, you can do a shoot and social distance. Safety can be achieved and a video can be made. If you are in a position where your business needs a new video, please contact me so we can discuss the safest way to conduct a shoot.

But a lot of these commercials are made using footage that either already existed in their archives, or by using stock footage. All these great shots are then mixed with stellar motion graphics and animations!

The message? Just because it seems the world stopped turning, doesn’t mean creativity and human connection can not be made through the magic of video.

And I would argue, Spring is the perfect time to plant those seeds of connection and communication with your audience. Summer and Fall might just be full of abundant results from all the effort you put in today.

However you do it; through video, emails, photos, social media, or a simple phone call, I encourage you to stay connected. If you need to take a break, if you hit shock mode and need that couch time, take it. But don’t give up, don’t stop trying. We will all enjoy the results in the near future!

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