Traveling and Landscapes

Sometimes a break from the City is very important. Nature helps me to recharge, relax and absorb what is really important: Myself!

I mean that with all seriousness. If we don’t focus on keeping our minds and bodies fresh everything suffers; work, relationships, and above all creativity! Without my ability to bring a fresh mind and perspective to my work everything looks the same and improvements and growth freeze.

At the end of July I took a short road trip north to Portland, up to Washington, and back down to Crescent City. I saw beauty and heard nothing but the wind in the trees and the birds in the sky. The separation from the demands of the City let me slow down. I was also able to capture some landscape images for my 52 Week Challenge, so I will get back to producing some projects! I promise.

In the meantime make sure you make time for yourself. Step away from the computer and go outside, read a book, paint a picture. Just make sure that you are doing it for yourself.

Alexis Keenan

Alexis Keenan