Virtual Reality

I may have been absent from my website, but I have not been idle in “RL”. That’s “Real Life” for those who don’t know.
Learning new skills and keeping up with the technological trends is a must in most industries. For me, getting excited about new camera specs is not high on my list, though I have been known to geek out on occasion.
My excitement always leans towards the visual. From there I can get excited about how to create what I see, which then leads to the specs…ANYWAY! My new visual excitement – Virtual Reality.

I was introduced to the world of Virtual Reality through the Occulus Rift headset. Here I dove into the world of 3D interactive space that was both familiar and new; if you are a reader of science fiction, you may remember worlds where virtual reality plays a major role in future societies. I’m not a first adapter in anything. So my original response was one of, “Is this the way of society now? Will we ever interact face to face? Are we losing valuable connection through this new form of entertainment?”

Having no experience in programming and several years separation from any real gaming I found myself intrigued but doubtful about this new medium. Then I discovered VR in 360 degrees, or 360 video. This is not the 3D space created primarily for gaming, but a way to watch a constructed story with a 360 degree immersive video. Through classes and dialogue with fellow creatives, my view shifted.

Virtual Reality is not a way to remove oneself from society even further, but a tool to bring people even deeper into worlds they may normally see as an impossibility. Not only that, but it’s newness on the market and in entertainment makes it the perfect space to experiment. There is no wrong way to do anything, there is only learning and growth.

So, now I find myself looking around my world, thinking of stories and ways to use this new technology to bring my clients, art and social and world issues into this new medium. I’m so excited and inspired.

Have some ideas? Want to chat about what VR means to you? I’d love to chat!

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