What Video Is Right For Your Business?

All of them!

There are many different types of video that will be beneficial to any business website or marketing plan, and while all of them may be helpful, that doesn’t mean your business has the budget for producing multiple videos.

The main types of videos that will be addressed here are Business Personality, Business Introduction, Overview or Explainer and Testimonials. There are of course many more, but most businesses will be focusing on at least one of the above options.

The Business Personality video is like a mini documentary about your business. This is ideal for established businesses with interesting history, unique products or for new businesses with a compelling origin story or message. Business Personality videos are between 3 – 5 minutes in length and focus on bringing the viewer behind the scenes. They can explore the culture of a business, the process of creating the product or service and the impact it has on the local community. These videos usually require multiple shoot days and sometimes travel to locations where the business gets their source material and inspiration. Interviews may be conducted with the owner, employees and customers to get a complete narrative.

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The Business Introduction video is faster to create and can usually be done in one or two shoots. These videos are ideal for solo business owners who focus on B2C or B2B relationships. Introduction videos normally contain one interview with the owner who describes what the business is, the ideal client, and how they will solve a common consumer problem. Introduction videos frequently don’t exceed 90 seconds to maintain interest and deliver valuable information quickly and efficiently. These videos are placed on the landing page of a website or in the “About” section. Introduction videos are a very valuable way to introduce yourself and your values to potential clients as they browse multiple options.

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Overview or Explainer Videos are best used for products. Whether that is a software app or something tangible, these videos enable the creator to clearly explain the highlights of the product in a visually engaging manner. Explainer videos may include beauty shots, animation, and voice over descriptions of how the product will relieve a common issue or need in the market. Explainer videos are around 60 to 90 seconds in length, but can venture into longer times if the product is particularly complex. However, if a longer narrative is needed, a good idea is to have a short version and a separate longer version for those who have continued and vested interest.
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Testimonial videos are the final most valuable video to a business. Frequently overlooked in favor of written Yelp reviews, the testimonial video is a good way for potential customers to hear first hand how they were helped by a product or service. The value of seeing a persons face and emotions when delivering the video testimonial goes above and beyond that of written testimonials from otherwise faceless clients. Most businesses can rely on at least 5 quality video testimonials of about 60 seconds in length to greatly expand their fan base.
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There are of course many types of video options and narratives that can be created for businesses beyond this list, but hopefully this triggers the creative juices while you continue your investigation into how video can benefit your business going forward. The joy of any creative medium is that the only limitation is your imagination!

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