5 Tips On Creating Video For Social Media

If you are present on any social media platform then you have probably noticed the high volume of video content that is present in your news feed. This is not by accident! Video’s ability to connect brands with their target consumer is increasing exponentially as the years go by. Sprout Social states that “30% of millennials say they engage with a brand on social media at least once a month.” Here are five tips to keep in mind while planning to integrate video into your social media marketing plan.

1) Have A Plan – If you are making lots of content, regardless of whether or not its all video, photography or a mix of both, be sure your message stays consistent. All of the content on your social platforms should be communicating your brand’s personality, goals, product, look and style. That’s a lot to keep in mind! Especially in video, as each frame must maintain that brand aesthetic. So before you roll that camera, be sure you have a plan in mind.

2) Who Is Watching – Each platform has their own demographic. Facebook and and Twitter are great platforms for sharing content that is news based, such as the launch of a new product, generating a following for a cause, and sharing note worthy events. Instagram and YouTube followers tend to be looking for more educational content, lifestyle tips and fashion products. When planning your media, think about what platform you will be using and who will be watching.

3) Opt In Marketing – We are are in the age of “opt-in” marketing. Consumers are no longer forced to sit through commercials before they get to their desired content. People scroll through their news feed actively avoiding ads when they come onto their screen. This means that in order to get people to engage with your brand’s media you have to get consumers to opt-in to your content. When planning your marketing videos be sure to create visually stimulating images and captivating edits to keep the story moving forward. If you focus on pulling your audience in with engaging story and stunning imagery your chances of click throughs and consumer engagement will soar.

4) Be Consistent – Not only with brand identity, but with the consistency of your posts as well. No brand wins followers with the first video. That means you need to maintain your presence and media to stay present in peoples news feeds. If you keep showing up with quality content the more chance you will have to getting your audience to engage with your brand. Keep content short and digestible, and keep it coming.

5) Call To Action – This is a must with all marketing content and certainly just as important with anything you post to social media. Always end your video with an option to follow your brand with a #hashtag or link to visit the website or other social channels. Entice your audience to close in on a sweet limited time offer or an opportunity to join a community of like minded individuals.

Like any good marketing plan, video for social media needs care and attention to make sure the content maintains your brand aesthetic. If you have plans to create the media yourself be sure to pay attention to all aspects of what is going on in your video. Stellar lighting,  interesting visuals, great graphics and editing will keep your customer watching for the whole video.