I Got Married!

This year has been intense! Not only have we all been coming out of a pandemic and getting back to business as usual (I hope), but I made a big life change. On June 18th I married my partner, Erick, in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA.

Our wedding had it all and we largely pulled it together ourselves since we are both avid DIYers and wanted to save our money for the honeymoon! One of the biggest things that we decided to DIY was our wedding cake. With the exception of my sister (who also made her wedding cake) everyone I spoke to, even avid bakers, told us this was a foolish endeavor. However, we just couldn’t listen.

Look, I get it. There is a lot going on during a wedding and baking is not everyone’s forte. There are an abundance of good bakeries out there to purchase a good cake, and you won’t have to worry about burning the sponge or melting frosting. But here is the thing, I bake all the time and I know what a good cake tastes like, and I knew that I wanted to put something delicious on our guest’s plates. No exceptions.

After much research (thank you Smitten Kitchen) and much tasting of cakes, Erick and I settled on making a chocolate cake (mom’s recipe), fresh raspberries and chocolate frosting in the center with a German buttercream covering the whole thing (again, thank you Smitten Kitchen). It was AMAZING! The experience of making it, due to all the planning and prep, was stress free and fun. We had a good friend do the decorating day of and honestly, it was one of the many highlights of the day. People still rave about the cake nearly 4 months later.

I Got Married! 1

Okay, what does this have to do with video? Well…I made one! Illustrated and animated by yours truly! Check it out!

I Got Married! 2

I wanted to share this process with other would be wedding cake DIYers. The internet is full of nay-sayers, so I decided to make a fun animated video about the topic, hoping that the animation would add a little fun to a potentially daunting task as well as show case the steps in a digestible way. I hope you enjoy watching this fun little animation as much as I enjoyed making it and if someone in your life thinks making their own wedding cake sounds like a good idea, I hope you send this video along with a message of encouragement.

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